Tumbling Turtles

Class Details:-


3 years +


45 Minutes


Coach Alison

Coach Kenzie

Coach Doran

Tumbling Turtles is a class for young gymnasts ages 3+. This class focuses on very early progressions of basic gymnastics skills, as well as other activities that will enhance their gross motor skills (i.e. climbing over/under things, swinging on ropes, climbing ladders, etc.) in a circuit format that provides continuous movement; this allows them to spend less time waiting for their turn and more time tumbling! Pre-school age gymnastics programs also help school readiness by teaching children how to follow directions and take turns with others.

**Please Note**

This class allows only gymnasts & coaches in the gym. Parents must watch from the upstairs viewing area.

How to Register :

Any class that shows at least one opening is available for enrollment. If the time slot you would like is full, please add your child to the wait list and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up.

Questions? Contact us on: we would be happy to help.