Parkour and Tricking

Class Details:-


8 years +


1 Hour


Coach Jordan


According to the strictest definition, Parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency. Sounds like a fun game, right? In this class a basic foundational repertoire of moves will be taught to athletes, which can be built on and increase in difficulty upon mastery of basic skills. Athletes will run, jump, swing, climb, balance and flip through various circuits, obstacles and activities guided by some of Cayman’s best trickers! Beginner level students will be taught the foundations of safe tricking, as well as gain strength through fun plyometric training circuits!


Students that have progressed in the beginner level Parkour & Tricking class will be recommended to join the ADVANCED program; where they will build upon skill basics and work on tricks and combinations; increasing in difficulty. A coaches’ recommendation OR student evaluation is required to join this class.

How to Register :

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