Boys Competitive Team

Class Details:-


6-10 years


1 Hour


Coach Doran

Motions Unlimited competes regionally across the Caribbean, as well as internationally each year with boys competing many different skill levels. Motions athletes compete using the USAG Junior Olympic (JO) program (levels 4-10).

Competitive team practices are mandatory, and make-up classes and prorating for missed classes will not be provided.

Athletes will be assigned a locker to share and will be required to have and keep at the gym; 5 pound ankle weights (2.5 pounds per leg), 4 inch wrist sweatbands and a skipping rope. Please ask Coach Doran before purchasing!

Competitive athletes will be required to purchase a Singlet, Pommel Pants and competition Shorts to be worn only for competitions.  When boys advance to higher levels, they will also be required to purchase a track suit and gym bag.   

**Please Note**

Beginner: Gymnasts do not need any previous experience for this class!

Intermediate: Coaches invitation REQUIRED.

Gymnasts must have previously mastered a Cartwheel, Round-off, Forward & Backward roll & pull over on Bars and have excellent listening skills.

How to Register :

Any class that shows at least one opening is available for enrollment. If the time slot you would like is full, please add your child to the wait list and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up.

Questions? Contact us on: we would be happy to help.