Hard work pays off for Cayman gymnasts

The Motions Unlimited Boys gymnastics team recently returned from a Judges Cup competition in Atlanta, Georgia, which ran Nov. 10-12. This season, athletes Kaleb Woolaver, Karthik Adapa and Igor Magalhaes were selected to compete in new, more difficult levels. Each proved to the judges that their hard work ethic in the gym had paid off.

Level 6 gymnast Kaleb had a few falls, but managed to get up every time and complete all six routines well. He said, “it was a great opportunity as I made a lot of friends that share a common interest and love for the sport of gymnastics. I also benefited a lot from what the judges had to say during their critique of my routines.”

Cayman gymnasts Kaleb Woolaver, Karthik Adapa and Igor Magalhaes
Cayman gymnasts Kaleb Woolaver, Karthik Adapa and Igor Magalhaes

Kaleb took third place on Vault, performing a front handspring and sticking the dismount.

Level 7 was the most competitive at this years Judges Cup. Karthik represented Motions Unlimited at this level, and earned numerous top-three places.

Senior gymnast Igor, level 8, said, “this opportunity was great for me as I love to travel and show my new skills abroad. Although there were not many competitors in my category, I feel as though I performed my best and look forward to the season ahead.”

 The Judges Cup competition provided a dress rehearsal for Igor as he continues to hone new routines for the upcoming season.

“I am proud of all three gymnasts, as preparations for the Judges Cup included practicing nearly 20 hours per week, being disciplined in and out of the gym and staying healthy” Coach Doran Zimmerman remarked. “We have an exciting competition season ahead and I look forward to watching these boys make improvements, increase strength and take advantage of more travel opportunities. The future is bright for the Motions Unlimited Boys gymnastics team.”